Terms of Reference

  • Act as the sole administrator and maintain the responsibility for the General Management and Upkeep of the VTS Complex.
  • Co-ordinate and Manage the daily cleaning of all dressing rooms, showers, bathrooms, and all public areas
  • Submit a weekly Training and Matches Rostering Programme
  • Maintain daily communication with the Nursery and Senior Squad Team Manager
  • Maintain the highest levels of cleanliness and safety in all areas of the Complex
  • Ensure the control and safety of the entire Complex
  • Maintain full control of the keys of all rooms and all areas of the Complex
  • Maintain records and data of all daily training activities
  • Maintain updated records of all water & electric metres / submeters
  • Co-ordinate Training Schedules and synchronise with Friendly Matches
  • Locate and maintain Storage for all training equipment
  • Promote the Complex to attract other activities like friendly matches
  • Work on a programme to increase the revenue generated from activities at the Complex
  • Keep an updated Inventory List
  • Maintain and administer a Petty Cash System
  • Organise a team of volunteers to assist in carrying out the above-mentioned task
  • Organise regular meeting with all unit members


  • Andrei Dimech
    Head Of Unit
    • Joseph Magri
    • Salvu Frendo
    • Victor Cassar
    • Etienne Farrugia
    • David Camilleri