The Operations Division is made up of Eight Units. These are:

  1. Commercial Unit
  2. Supporters Engagement Unit
  3. Media & Communications Unit
  4. VTS Management Unit
  5. Initiatives Unit
  6. Support Services Unit
  7. Mass Events Unit
  8. Museum, Statistics & Archives Unit


  • Operations
    Bernard Pace
    • Commercial Unit
      Christian Sammut
    • Supporters Unit
      Gejtu Theuma
    • Media Unit
      Carlo Ciscaldi
      Andre Dimech
    • Initiatives Unit
      Ian Debattista
    • Support Unit
      Joanna Debattista
    • Museum & Archives Unit
      Gejtu Debattista


The aim of each unit is to work and perform within specific Terms of Reference. They cover all Club operations and should contribute towards achieving a smooth, effective and efficient Management Structure. Each Unit falls under the responsibility of a Head of Unit who in turn responds to the Club Administrator for branding, policy and strategic direction.

It is important to note that all members of these units are all avid Club Supporters and volunteers who give their knowledge and their time towards this cause. We believe that the proposed management structure should give the Club a strong administrative set up to be operated on a professional level.

The co-ordination and strategy of the Operations Division falls under the responsibility of the Head of Operations, whose aim is to ensure a smooth, effective and efficient administration of the Division.