As a Club we firmly believe that the long-term success of any Football Club depends on two main
• Technical Abilities and Skills on the Pitch
• Efficient and Effective Administration and Operations Structure


The President is the Head of the Executive Board which is the highest body of the Club. The
responsibility of the Executive Board is to plan and communicate the Vision and Strategy of the Club.


The Management Set-Up of the Club has the role to implement and execute the policies and
decisions of the Executive Board and is based on three Divisions:
• Administration
• Operations
• Technical


The Technical Division has the overall responsibility of the Technical Area of the Club from the
Senior Squad to the Academy


The Administration of the club is carried out by the Committee represented mainly by the positions of the President, General Secretary and the Treasurer who are officially responsible for the day-to-day administration of the Club. It is also the Official and Legal Body of the Club in dealing with Government Institutions and the MFA.


The Operations Division has the overall responsibility of the Management of the Club. This division is represented by Six Units (Marketing, Fan Engagement, VTS Management, Support Services, Commercial and Media).

Club organigram

  • President
    • Executive Board
      • Administration
        • Committee
        • Legal Representation
        • Compliance
      • Operations
        • PA Administration
        • PA Logistics
        • Head of Units
        • Operations Units
        • Commercial Unit
        • Supporters Unit
        • Media & Communications Unit
        • VTS Management Unit
        • Initiatives Unit
        • Support Services
        • Mass Events Unit
        • Museum & Archives Unit
      • Technical
        • Senior Squad
        • Technical Board
        • Academy
    • Good Governance Board