Terms of Reference

  • Custodian of the Club Statute responsible for its continuous updating to reflect and anticipate the administrative, technical, organisation and financial needs of the Club
  • Organising the Annual General Meeting and the election of all members at the end of each season
  • To represent the Club on all Official Events and Activities
  • To act as the official and legal representative of the Club with the Government Institutions and National and International Football Organisations (MFA, UEFA and FIFA).
  • To be the designated body to communicate with other National or International Clubs on any technical, legal and financial matters. To co-ordinate, draft and submit all official documentation requested by MFA or any other International Body
  • To exploit all potential and ensure adequate representation in all possible committees and boards within the MFA and/or UEFA and FIFA
  • To ensure compliance, updating and follow up on all regulations and directives issues by MFA and/or UEFA
  • Members of the Committee are to serve as role models for all other members and supporters of the Club


  • Joseph Portelli
    • Gaetano Debattista
      Vice President
      • Stephen Saliba
        General Secretary
      • Antoine Attard
      • Gejtu Theuma
        Member - Head of Supporters Unit
      • Bryan Degabriele
        Member – Head of Support Serv. Unit
      • Jodie Saliba
        Member – Corp. Social Resp. Officer
      • Alan Cutajar
        Member – Squad Kit & Equip. Officer
      • Eric Saliba
        PA to Club Administrator
      • Marcel Bonnici
        Club Administrator
      • Victor Cassar
        Member - MFA Club Delegate | Compliance
      • Andrei Dimech
        Member - Head VTS Management Unit
      • Ian Debattista
        Committee Member
      • Carlo Ciscaldi
        Committee Member
      • Joanna Debattista
        Member - Head Support Services Unit